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"Shadow Of Crimson"Vampire by Gaslight LARP at SalonCon

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The Shadow of Crimson is a Live Action Role-Playing game set in White Wolf’s Victorian-era Vampire world. The game will emphasize role playing and character interaction but will also include political intrigue and problem-solving for individuals who wish to tackle the growing problem presented by Jack the Ripper.
The game will use a simplified version of White Wolf’s Minds Eye Theatre rules, but game mechanics will be largely secondary to acting and to socializing. Individuals who are unfamiliar with Live Action games, or even role playing games in general, are still invited to try their hand at what is essentially improve acting in a friendly, fantasy Victorian setting.

The setting of Shadows

How do I get to play?

What is Live Action role play?

A good over view of what the wold of Victorian Age Vampire in like and other helpful odds and ends.

If you like dress up as it's all part of the fun do know ,at the end of the game we will give out a small prize for best Role Play and for best costume.

Some helpful links for dress and History of the age

Victorian links

More Victorian  links

Shadow of Crimson is Live Action Roleplaying Game which is planned to take place at
Saloncon this year on September 22, 2007 . The following game is open to everyone and will take place  at the convention.
This will all be take place in


Hope to see you there!

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