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August 16th to 24th
Hamptons Antique galleries, NY
The Worlds first group Steampunk exhibit

Dances of Vice
August 22nd to August 24th
MTV will be filming so do dress your best!
Sunday, August 24th: at REBEL NYC 251 West 30th Street
New York, NY 10001 The Münchausen Time Travellers Ball takes place at Rebel NYC, featuring live music by Voltaire (exclusive full band show), The Deadfly Ensemble, Fern Knight & the Stumblebum Brass Band, as well as a theatrical fashion show of Steampunk, New Romantic, Fantasy, & 18th to early 20th century inspired costumes from Azrael Accomplice Designs, La Metamorphose, Miz Candyman, & To Die For Designs.

August 22-24
Pi-Con is a weekend-long convention where fans and creators of science fiction gather to interact. There will be three days of panels, games, readings, debates, events, interviews, conversation, parties, and socializing. at the Clarion hotel in West Springfield, MA. There Guest of Honor is the one and only Cory Doctorow

Aug 29th -Sept 1, steampunk meet ups can be arranged and spoken of here

Burning man
Aug 25- Sep 1
If you do not know what Burning man in the USA is you must find out click here .

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Salon Convention
A Neo-Victorian convention on September 13th in NJ, USA, featuring a Steampunk Salon by G. D. Falksen who will be giving providing free Steamwork imps from BPAL at the end of his talk. Also will be judging the Chorono'nauts Parade contest ,There friday night meetup, Abney Park, To Die for Designs,Art,Cream Tea Burlesque.

anachrotechnofetishism art show
Seattle, USA, September 12th thru October 3rd
The usual suspects are all there, including the new additions of Miss Monsterto the rabble.
The Completed Mechanical Womb


*Datamancer's new work the " Archbishop "
Datamancer.net new Archbishiop
All the great details on this new work of art can be found here at

*Donna Ricci owner of GOTH Magazine is putting together a great Steampunk art book. This will be a full-color oversized bound book of steampunk fashion, gadgetry and artwork. Editorials by Derek Caballero, actor Crispin Glover and more than 100 more artists, this will be the largest collection of steampunk imagery in one book.They are taking submissions till October 1st all the details can be found

Jay Lakes Escapement
The one and only Jay Lake
who has written many books, two being Mainspring and Escapement has just had the mass market paperback Mainspring is tied for #9 on the Locus bestseller list.

*Do not forget to check out the Brass Goggles blog

*What is your steampunk style test has been taken over 11 thousand times in less then 4 weeks

* Do not forget to check out the Steampunk Workshop blog

*The good points for consideration when it comes to Steampunk Fashion

* Steampunk Anthology is all most sold out all over get a copy when you still can

*A very nice looking site http://www.ottens.co.uk/

* Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab still has for you PHOENIX STEAMWORKS Phoenix Steam Works and Research Facility

*A new site for all your clothing needs got steam?

Last but not least
The Willows Anniversary issue
The Willows
is celebrating its one year anniversary. As you know The willows is a bi-monthly source for Vintage weird victorian and steampunk fiction and art.
The Willows web site for more info

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